A visit to St Brandon's - August 2004

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A pre-visit drink - Mary Wright (Stent) Mary again Setting the scene.... Do you remember this? - we didn't? View from the Chinese Gardens
Mary Wright (Stent) Mary Wright (Stent) Church Hills & boating pool Front entrance St Brandon's
Looking down towards the Chinese Gardens Mary & Lynda Walking round the lake and a bit further - it was less bushy than we remembered! Leslie's conservatory
The front lawn The Chinese Gardens The Chinese Gardens The Chinese Gardens Leslie's conservatory
Inside Leslie's conservatory - do you remember this feature? The staff room window above The front hall Making ourselves at home The main stairs ...never to be used by us
Inside Leslie's conservatory The front hall The front hall The front hall The front hall
Looking up to the gallery Christo Duce Sequamur - the front hall glass ceiling Lower VI Common Room -this marvellous fireplace was hidden by lockers, I think? VA & Alpha Common Room The Careers Room - amongst other uses
The Front Hall The front hall Lower VI Common Room VA & Alpha Common Room The Careers Room
The Dining Room - they know about the secret passages! The original shelving is preserved behind the panels The Conservatory - what a pleasant place to relax The Conservatory - how did they fit in two rows of tables? Mary looks in at
The Dining Room The Dining Room The Conservatory The Conservatory The Gas Chambers
Who stood out here for talking after lights out?  - bet you didn't appreciate the beautiful woodwork Sister's surgery - vests & pants for weighing & measuring The sick room - hot blackcurrant & strepsils The Tower - lots of signatures - mostly after our day
The front hall gallery Surgery The sick room The Tower The Tower
Bingo! - Sian Bolle-Jones & Julia Culverhouse Maria Bowen? The back stairs - nicely carpeted A new staircase where the entrance to 3A used to be The Dungeons - looking towards the Red Hall - cockroaches at night!
The Tower The Tower The back stairs A new staircase The Dungeons
we start our journey into the bowels of the building ....... Lynda by the shortcut staircase to the first floor Recognise this? - the Tuck Room - I'm sure the door used to have ventilation holes. On we go ..... can you smell it? .... and on .....
The Dungeons The Dungeons The Dungeons The Dungeons The Dungeons
It's better lit these days .... Outside the back door Outside the Red Hall Side view Cotinus or Smoke Bush - this was bigger in our day
The Dungeons The back door The Red Hall door Side view Cotinus
Upper Sixth rooms - which one did you have? The music room - extended, I think? The Staff Gardens - not maintained by iSky Outside the practice rooms - quiet now Looking back towards the Red Hall
Upper Sixth rooms The music room The Staff Gardens The practice rooms Looking back towards the Red Hall
The swimming pool St Briga's - now a care home for the mentally ill 
Wickham Court built on the site of Wickham House Wickham
The swimming pool St Briga's St Briga's Wickham Wickham
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