Pen y Fan - April 2010

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The weather is changeable, so we have a short stop for people to adjust their clothing Scrambling down a steep slope..... cross the stream at the bottom We start to climb.  Lovely views to the north A short rest allows us to catch our breath...
...and catch up on news Claire, Judith and Shona David makes good use of the break... does Claire Cribyn with its head in the clouds
Cribyn Cefn Cyff - another stop to allow people to catch up Time to adjust clothing again.  It was very windy A break for lunch away from the wind was very welcome Bob tucks in...
Cribyn Cefn Cyff
 do David and Annie David tests out the diving board on Fan y Big...

Is this being a bit extreme? Claire is much more cautious Chris wants to convince her family that she really has been to Fan y Big
Fan y Big Fan y Big Fan y Big Fan y Big
Angela with Cribyn behind her Climbing again - this time toward Cribyn Looking back at the route down from Fan y Big Bob taking a breather Views down the valley...
...and across the ridges Claire at the summit of Cribyn It was a long haul up the path to Pen y Fan - Upper Neuadd reservoir in the background The summit of Pen y Fan It was wet and misty
Cribyn Pen y Fan Pen y Fan
Bob Claire We followed Cefn Cwm-llwch on the way down Cefn Cwm-llwch The final descent to the car park was welcome
Pen y Fan Pen y Fan Cefn Cwm-llwch
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