Visit to Crosskeys - April 2005

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Medhurst from the field by the river Medhurst and its extension - Claire standing on the bole of the tulip tree which died of some disease Medhurst The Weeping Ash The lounge and the playroom The living room fireplace - sorry about the focus
Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst The Weeping Ash Medhurst Medhurst
The living room window showing the extension - where the dining table lived The living room fireplace and alcoves - a door goes through to the dining room The kitchen window with small extension in view The alcove where the Triplex lived The hall unit where the telephone lived - shame about the lack of flash! The lounge fireplace
Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst
Looking through into the hallway from the porch area The weeping ash - well preserved by tree surgeons The driveway with alien palm trees - otherwise the trees are original Looking down the driveway The base of the double garage looking towards the orchard This was the bank
Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst
Lizzie's and Gran's garden From the road Crosskeys The Round House Heather The tobogganing field
Medhurst Medhurst Crosskeys Crosskeys Heather The tobogganing field
Heather on the bridge over the canal Claire and Heather Heidi Claire and Heather    
Heather Claire and Heather Heidi Claire and Heather    
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