Cheddar Ride - February 2010

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Claire and Harry arrive at Bickley ready to load into the trailer... Harry has other ideas and takes about an hour to make up his mind to go in We arrive at Tynings Farm in a thick mist Bella is ready to go Harry is not far behind
Holley does some last minute checks on Bella's tack Off we go... ...into the mist Harry seems quite keen Bella and Holley on the bridle path at Fore Cliffs
Out of the woods and on our way down into Cheddar On the otherside of Cheddar near Carscliff Farm.  The mist is beginning to clear The end of Middle Down Drove as it drops to the B3135 A quiet bit of road work in lovely surroundings Back at Tynings Farm after a very long ride.  Harry thinks his bucket is too small
Bella gets a well deserved hug from Holley Harry all dressed up and ready to go home Will he load more easily than he did this morning?    
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